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Grayling distributes the PaperIBC™ one-way, corrugated tote for bulk liquids and the Buckhorn Citadel rigid, collapsible, reusable tote also for handling bulk liquids. We also make available FIBCs with Guardian form fit liners.

Grayling manufactures Guardian™ liners to “form fit” the interior of drums, bins, boxes, totes and almost every type of intermediate bulk container, from 55 gallon drums to 330 gallon totes for liquid products, to Gaylord boxes and bulk bags, or FIBCs, for dry flowable materials. By form fitting a liner to the inside of the container, industrial processors of liquids and dry flowable materials are able to realize many gains in efficiency in their operations, including; helping to insure fill consistency, speed filling and/or dispensing of product, reducing the amount of residual material left after dispense, eliminating production problems due to liner issues, reducing freight and warehousing costs, eliminating container cleaning costs and reducing overall waste.

We stock several different film structures to address various performance needs; moisture or oxygen barrier, ultraviolet radiation inhibition, toughness and durability, anti static properties, softness and pliability, recyclability, biodegradability, economy, clarity or aesthetics.

Grayling designs and produces; pillow style and form fit style liners for liquid IBC applications, foil laminated form fit liners, clean room produced liners, round bottom drum liners and other specialized products designed for industrial packaging.