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Control Chemical Mastic Removers are specifically formulated to liquefy the toughest cured floor tile adhesives on asbestos abatement projects while keeping your workers and building occupants safe and comfortable. Choose the Control formula that will perform best on your project.  Whatever your requirement; from balancing cost with solvency and flash point or low VOC, or low to no odor, there is a Control Mastic Remover for your application. 

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Control CCV-Low Odor Mastic Remover

  Control CCV-Low Odor Mastic Remover is an economical, CARB compliant formulation designed to safety and efficiently remove asphaltic floor tile mastics.  Part number #19295
KB value = 34. No VOCs. 174°F Flash Point
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Control Carpet Adhesive Remover

Control Carpet Adhesive Remover is a water based formulation designed for the safe, effective and environmentally responsible removal of most all latex and acrylic carpet adhesives. Part number: 19235 
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Control Soy Mastic Remover

Control soy mastic remover Control Soy is a soybean based solvent for the safe, environmentally responsible and low odor removal of all types of adhesives and mastics.
No VOCs. 201° flash. KB value = 58.
Part number: 19305   
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Control Green Mastic Remover

Control Green mastic remover Control Green is the first mastic remover formulated to meet California's strict new VOC regulations. This very low odor mastic remover also performs very well.
No VOCs. 175° flash. KB value = 36.
Part number:19205
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Control V-Low Mastic Remover

Control V-Low mastic remover  Control V-Low Mastic Remover offers the best of all features, low odor, high solvency and an economical cost. V-Low dissolves old floor tile adhesive without strong chemical odors. The V-Low formula incorporates the latest technology in solvents that offer effective removal and clean up.
141° flash. KB value = 36
Part number: 19195 
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Control Low Odor Mastic Remover

Control Low-Odor mastic remover  Our most popular solvent for dissolving tough asphaltic floor mastics. The low odor blend of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons with built-in penetrants and surfactants ensures quick-action and  easy clean-up.
141° flash. KB value = 47.
Part number: 19105 
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